Chicago has dodged the incoming storm! But here comes the heat starting from Father’s Day, Sunday

News Desk Staff
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Adnan Maqsood

As reported by CBS News, a severe storm risk was issued for Thursday morning and evening across most areas of Chicago.  

However, according to the NBC Storm Team, Friday will be a decent, pleasant day. It will be mostly sunny, with high temperatures in the low 80s.  

However, starting from Sunday, the coming week may have some higher temperatures across Chicago, except the lakefront areas, reports Albert Ramon, CBS’s Chief meteorologist. 

Meteorologists predict that on Monday, the temperature will rise to 97 F, being the hottest day of the week. Moreover, there is also a very small chance of storms to watch out for, as reported by authorities. 

As we head into the peak of summer, staying hydrated is crucial, especially during the heatwaves. If you find it difficult to leave your home due to the heat or rainfall, remember that you can book a video or phone consultation with Family Urgent Care. 

Our team would be ready to assist you with any healthcare concerns online right from the comfort of your home. Stay safe and hydrated! 

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