Why Choose Telehealth Service In Chicago?

Picture this: a virtual visit with a medical expert while viewing the picturesque Lake Michigan. Just like the diverse landscapes define the beauty of Chicago, telehealth at Family Urgent Care offers vast benefits tailored toward good health and wellness. Whether you’re in the bustling heart of Lincoln Park or savoring the serene shores of Chicago River, telehealth at Family Urgent Care ensures quality healthcare for Chicagoans without the need for traveling to hospitals or clinics. Choose telehealth in Chicago, where we connect you to board-certified practitioners with the same spirit of innovation that defines Chicago’s landscapes, culture, and heritage.

Uncover The Benefits Just For You

Chicagoans, it’s time to get seated! Dive into a healthcare experience where exclusive benefits await at every step.

Board-certified medical experts: Address your healthcare challenges to our medical experts and let them guide you toward optimal health

Family-centric healthcare: We allow family consultations, ensuring a holistic approach for every member of your household

Same-day appointments: if you need urgent medical attention, you can book same-day appointments and get quick access to healthcare professionals.

Convenience at every step: Whether you reside in The Loop or live in a serene corner of Burnside, our telemedicine service in Chicago caters to your schedule.

Services You Can Avail From Chicago

With Family Urgent Care, you can experience virtual care in Chicago when time is at your essence. Check out the range of everyday health concerns our licensed doctors can help you with!

  • Cold and Flu
  • Rashes
  • Mild neck and back pain
  • Acne and dermatitis
  • Pink eye
  • Cough and congestion
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Skin conditions
  • And more


To check out more services, visit our telehealth appointment page

Schedule Your Telehealth Appointment In Chicago

To book your telemedicine appointment in Chicago, simply follow these three simple steps:

  1. Book an appointment: Open our website from your phone or computer and click “Book your telehealth appointment”.
  2. Choose: Select a day and time which is most convenient and answer all the asked details.
  3. Submit: Once you submit, you’ll receive a notification via email or SMS confirming your appointment at Family Urgent Care

Telemedicine Appointment FAQs

Do you comply with the telehealth laws and regulations of Chicago?

Absolutely! We fully comply with the telehealth laws and regulations of Chicago. Our telehealth services at Family Urgent Care adhere to the state’s guidelines, ensuring a secure and legally sound healthcare experience for Chicagoans. We prioritize patient confidentiality, and data security and follow all necessary protocols outlined by Chicago’s telehealth regulations. Rest assured, your telehealth journey with us is in complete alignment with Chicago’s healthcare standards, providing you with a reliable and compliant telemedicine experience.

Is my virtual visit safe and secure at Family Urgent Care?

Yes! Your virtual visit to Family Urgent Care is completely secure and legally sound. We prioritize patient privacy and align with HIPAA standards rigorously. Our telemedicine platform integrates with SolvHealth, which utilizes encrypted communication to safeguard your health information. By implementing robust HIPAA-compliant practices, we guarantee the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of your online consultations, providing the ease you deserve in every aspect of your healthcare journey.

How long do I wait after booking a telehealth appointment in Chicago?

Once you’ve submitted your details, you’ll receive a confirmation message within 5 minutes via SMS or Email. Your telehealth appointment is swiftly processed, ensuring minimal waiting time and an effortless healthcare experience.

Can I access telehealth services from anywhere in Chicago?

Yes! Virtual care in Chicago is accessible from anywhere, be it the bustling streets of The Loop, the serene corners of Burnside, or any other city. Our telehealth services are specifically tailored to reach you wherever you are in Chicago, ensuring quality and prompt healthcare is just a virtual visit away.

Does my insurance cover your telehealth service in Chicago?

Yes, we accept various insurance plans for our telehealth services in Chicago. Please visit our telehealth home page for a comprehensive list and to check if your insurance is covered. Our user-friendly interface provides easy access to detailed information about accepted insurance providers, ensuring clarity and convenience for our patients.

At what times can I schedule a telemedicine appointment from Chicago?

Enjoy the flexibility to schedule your telemedicine appointment at your convenience! Family Urgent Care is here for you seven days a week. Choose a time that suits you best, whether it’s Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Our goal is to make healthcare fit effortlessly into your schedule, ensuring you receive the care you need when it’s most convenient.

Do you have any age restrictions for accessing telemedicine services in Chicago?

No! Individuals aged 18 and above can independently schedule virtual appointments and connect directly with our healthcare experts. However, if you’re a parent seeking medical consultation for children under 18, you can easily book your online visit.

What if I encounter technical issues during a telehealth appointment?

If you face technical issues during your virtual appointment, we recommend ensuring your internet connection is stable for the best experience. In the rare event of persistent issues, don’t worry! Simply contact our support team, and we’ll be happy to assist you in booking another appointment. Your personalized healthcare experience is our priority, and we’re here to address any technical hiccups to ensure you receive uninterrupted care and attention.

Meet Our Highly Qualified Doctors Committed To Your Well-Being​

Our licensed healthcare practitioners bring diverse on-ground experiences to cater to your unique health challenges. With Family Urgent Care, we ensure that your well-being is at the forefront of every consultation.


Dr. Asrar Sheikh, MD

Dr. Sajid Mahmood, MD

Dr. Lisa Meaker - Urgent Care

Dr. Lisa Meaker, DNP

Dr. Nadeem Sheikh, FNP.

Nadeem Shaikh, FNP- BC