Can You See A Telehealth Doctor For Diabetes?

Written By Abeer Fatima
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Adnan Maqsood


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A recent research of 2023 has concluded that managing diabetes online through telemedicine improves HBA1c levels and plays an essential role in preventing complications in diabetic patients.

Whether you need to manage high blood glucose levels or want some doctor’s advice on a balanced diet for a healthier lifestyle, telemedicine can help you out in reducing physical visits to your doctor’s office for these queries. It’s like having up-to-date health on speed dial, ready to clock in whenever you need, and making life with diabetes a whole lot easier.

However, before you search for an online telehealth doctor for diabetes, it is necessary to understand the nitty-gritty of virtual diabetes care to manage your diabetes properly.

Looking forward to booking your telemedicine appointment for diabetes? Here are some quick details that you need to know before you dive into the world of telemedicine

How Can Online Doctors Help Manage Diabetes?

Your telehealth doctor can provide virtual diabetes care in various ways;

  1. Diagnosis and lab tests: The doctor asks about your signs and symptoms in detail, recommends lab tests if necessary, and can diagnose you depending on your condition.
  1. Prescribing medications: Your doctor identifies if you need medications or not and prescribes you medications if you have uncontrolled high blood glucose levels.
  1. Medication counseling: By utilizing telehealth for diabetes, you can receive expert advice on the correct administration of insulin. From insulin injections to oral antidiabetic medications, virtual sessions are like your secret weapon, being a complete solution for managing diabetes like a pro.
  1. Convenience of text alerts: Imagine you’re caught up in the hustle of your day, your insulin slips your mind, and out of the blue, your provider’s message pops in, giving you a reminder about your meds. It’s like having a round-the-clock health companion, making sure you stay on top of your game, especially in the realm of telehealth for diabetes.
  1. Follow-ups and monitoring: Your health journey always stays on track, as your telehealth provider also recommends follow-ups depending on your condition. From monitoring glucose levels to discussing lifestyle changes, these follow-up virtual sessions keep you connected with your doctors from the comfort of your home. 

How Will Telehealth Provider Prescribe Medicine For Diabetes?

Say goodbye to the rush to obtain a physical prescription and the hassle of a pharmacy visit after your physical or video consultation. Following your virtual consultation for diabetes through telehealth, the prescription process is as easy as a breeze.

Your telehealth provider seamlessly sends your prescription to a nearby pharmacy online.

Whenever you get time, you just need to pick up your medicines, or you can even contact the pharmacy to have them delivered to your doorstep. This eliminates any delays to your prescription and offers the most convenient and hassle-free management from home.

Is Telehealth For Diabetes Covered By Insurance?

Yes, many insurance plans cover telehealth consultations for diabetes. But before you hit that schedule button, you need to check with your health plan first. Also, remember that some telehealth providers might not accept insurance. Therefore, double-check the insurance coverage with your telehealth provider.

What is The Average Cost Of Diabetes Treatment Online?

The cost of telehealth treatment for diabetes depends on the telehealth provider and their location. Every state or country has different rules for pricing telehealth services.

If your insurance completely covers telehealth services, you can also experience free virtual consultations to manage diabetes. However, the cost of telehealth is unpredictable as it varies from location to location.

Nevertheless, if your insurance doesn’t cover telehealth, an average virtual cost can be between $40 to $90 for a single telehealth consultation.

If you need to know more about telehealth virtual visit costs and how your single visit cost is decided, read the following blog;

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Four Handy Tips To Prepare For Diabetes Appointment Online

Ensuring a smooth diabetes appointment is just as necessary as your morning routine! Delve into these four handy tips to ensure that you have a distraction-free telehealth visit.

1.  Keep important information ready

Before you e-meet your doctor online, you need to have the following information ready:

  • Daily glucose readings logbook
  • Recent HBA1c results
  • Blood pressure readings
  • Your recent weight
  • Any history of non-healing wound
  • Details about hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia symptoms (high blood sugar) if you’re already on antidiabetic medications.

Note that some telehealth platforms also have a doctor chat option where you can share your reports with your provider before your virtual visit.

2.  Prepare any questions or queries

You might have questions regarding your current medications or any unusual symptoms that are bothering you, right? Before your video consultation, you can write down those questions, symptoms or queries so that you do not leave any doubt unanswered.

Moreover, you can also ask about your next follow-up session or if you need to take any lab tests.

3.  Check your internet connection

Before visiting your telehealth provider online, get your technology ready by testing your audio and video. Make sure that your device supports your provider’s platform, and check in 10 to 15 minutes before your visit.

A quick heads up! Make sure to set your device in a quiet room, be it your home or office.

4.  Have your medications in hand

If you’re taking any medicines, your doctor might ask about the dose and how you take your insulin or oral antidiabetic medicines. Keeping your medicine box ready will ensure efficient discussions about your treatment and maximize your valuable time during the appointment.

Note! You need to be very clear with the doctor about any additional health complications that you suffer from. For example, if you have hypertension or any other chronic illness along with diabetes, make sure that your doctor knows about it.

How Can Family Urgent Care Help You

Whether you’re facing challenges in controlling high blood glucose levels or can’t take medication on time due to busy routines, virtual diabetes care at Family Urgent Care can be your go-to solution for managing diabetes online. Here’s how we’ll help you;

  • Same-day telemedicine appointment: If you’re having unexpected fluctuations in blood glucose levels, you can book a same-day telehealth appointment to address your concerns promptly.
  • Seven days available: No more waiting for weekdays to come! You can get your diabetes checkup done the same day during office hours.
  • Board-certified medical experts: You can easily connect with experienced medical experts who assess your signs and symptoms and prescribe you medicines if deemed necessary.
  • Secure telehealth platform: At Family Urgent Care, your privacy is our top priority as we integrate a user-friendly interface and robust security protocols.

So, take charge of your well-being! Connect with healthcare experts online, right from the cozy corner of your device, while ensuring your health matters stay strictly confidential.

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