Cuts Or Scrapes

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Things to Know

Cuts or scrapes are a very small nuisance in our everyday life, but these small wounds can go from zero to a hundred in no time. Minor cuts or scrapes usually heal themselves over time after developing into a scab. However, these little wounds still need necessary treatment and disinfecting.
Although rare sometimes due to exposure to externalities and delayed care, these cuts and scrapes can develop into big infections that then need much more time to heal, antibiotics, oozing pus, and even amputation in severe cases.

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What are the symptoms of a serious Infection from Cuts or Scrapes?

Some of the common symptoms of cuts or scrapes include

How to prevent the Cut or Scrape from developing into an Infection or worse?

You can take these measures to avoid an infection:

What can cause a Cut or Scrape to develop into an Infection?

Infections can develop due to several reasons. Regular hand soap can sometimes irritate the skin, which may stall the healing process and in turn, lead to an infected cut. Also, sometimes skipping bandages and letting your skin breathe may expose the cut to airborne bacteria which can result in an infection.
If you get a deep wound from anything metallic or rustic and the wound is not properly treated on time, it may develop into an infection. When we fall on gritty ground, particles may lodge into the skin which stops it from healing. If any cuts develop into pus, redness, or fever and go untreated, there is a high chance it has caught an infection.
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How are Cuts and Wounds treated?

At Family Urgent Care, our professionals are equipped to deal with all kinds of cuts and wounds. In case of falling on gritty, sandy grounds, a tetanus shot is given so the scrape does not get infected.
In cases of deep wounds, clean the cut thoroughly and apply light pressure until you either get to the doctor or until the bleeding stops. After which the prescribed method is to clean the cut, put on a bandage and change it daily so you can assess the cut too.
You may observe severe redness around the scrape, persistent pain, wound turning blue or purple, pus oozing out or getting filled inside, or going down with a fever along with weakness. In such cases always go to your doctor at the earliest and get the cut or scrape checked out. In many severe cases, the infections spread out and get out of control. This can be fatal although in rare cases, as well as result in amputation.
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