Skin Tags Removal

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What, Why and How

Skin tags are soft, tiny growths on the skin, which can develop in areas of skin that have folds or those that are affected by skin to skin rubbing. These tiny growths have the same color as your normal skin. They occur mostly in older people and that’s the core reason why old people tend to have more skin tags than the younger ones. Pregnant women may have skin tags as well because their hormonal level changes in the tenure of pregnancy.
Skin tags are non-pleasant to see. Although, they do no other harm to the body other than being benign. Due to the undesirable look it gives, the person may long to remove them and for that, Family Urgent Care is here with every convenient care in power to provide you with!

Things you must know!

FAQs for skin tag removal:

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Is there any chance of skin tags to grow in the area from where they have been removed?

There is no certainty that skin tag will grow in the exact area they have been removed from, but mostly people are prone to the growth of skin tags.

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Are skin tags cancerous or tumorous?

Skin tags cause no harm. If you find them bleeding, changing colors or grows with time, then it is cancer, not a skin tag.

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Is skin tag contagious?

The simple and clear answer is no, they are not at all contagious.

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Is skin tag removal covered by insurance?

Yes, if you get the insurance then Family Urgent Care is here to help you get rid of them.

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What if they are shaved off accidently?

Does not really matter, it might bleed, apply pressure to stop the bleeding.