bronchitis and pneumonia

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What, Why & How

Bronchitis and Pneumonia are often mistaken by the people for the way they both are a little similar. Bronchitis has completely different symptoms while pneumonia has different symptoms.


Bronchitis occurs after the upper respiratory system has acquired some kind of infection which is accumulated with a common cold.
Following are the symptoms of pneumonia described:
Bronchitis is diagnosed after proper testing is conducted by the Family Urgent Care doctors. An x-ray is asked from the patient so the inside of lungs can be seen properly. Family history and history of health condition is evaluated. Bronchitis is treated with proper medication, promised by the Family Urgent Care doctors as this is the best urgent care walk-in clinic.


Pneumonia on the other hand is quite dangerous than bronchitis. There could be serious health problems due to Pneumonia; people experience really painful conditions when they get pneumonia.
Some of the symptoms are:
The doctors at FamUrgent Care make sure that every patient is given proper cure for their disease. Patients of Pneumonia first undergo x-ray which depicts a clearer picture of the lung condition. Furthermore, questions related to old infections are asked to make a certain report of the patient.

Treatment for Pneumonia

Pneumonia is best treated with the help of antibiotics. It is better to start the treatment as soon as you are diagnosed with it. It should be prevented from spreading out in the body, as it could become worse with time.
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