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Achieve Your Health Goals With Family Urgent Care

Manage Your Health With Our Wellness Physicals Service

You might be living a busy lifestyle juggling between family, work and social commitments to the point that you can’t find time to focus on your health, and your physical and mental health is being compromised. 

But now it’s high time to prioritize your health and never neglect it again! Ready to regain better health? You do not need to hesitate anymore as you can start right now!

Family Urgent Care helps you achieve your health goals by offering you comprehensive physical wellness that includes a wide range of services so that you remain healthy and fit all year round.

What Services Are Included In Physical Wellness?

If you’re looking for routine or annual health checkups from medical experts, screenings or tests for specific diseases or even personalized health guidance for your overall well-being, Family Urgent Care has got your back with a wide range of state-of-the-art services:

  • General Physical Exam

In a general physical exam, our healthcare professionals evaluate your overall health, which includes your vital signs assessments (Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature), checking your BMI, weight, visual acuity evaluation and much more. 

  • General Cardiac Assessment

If you have any existing cardiovascular condition or have any risk factors like a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, hypertension or unhealthy dietary habits, our experienced healthcare professionals are ready to perform a thorough evaluation of cardiac health through relevant blood and other tests. 

  • Pulmonary (Respiratory) Function Assessment 

A detailed respiratory system examination is performed by the experts at Family Urgent Care to help you assess your respiratory health. If you or someone from your family have breathing problems like chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma or COPD, our medical experts are trained to provide timely intervention to manage your condition. 

  • Abdominal Examination

Our health providers perform a detailed abdominal exam to assess for tenderness, masses, organ enlargement, and other signs, which helps in the diagnosis of liver, renal, and other abdominal conditions. 

  • Laboratory Tests

Whether you need a blood test or perhaps a liver and kidney function, our clinic is well-equipped to perform your blood workup, urinalysis, STD screenings, flu/COVID/strep testing, Xrays and much more. 

  • Vaccinations 

If you, your child or your parent need to get vaccinated, you can visit Family Urgent Care right away. Our urgent care clinic is also well-equipped to help you administer several other vaccines so as to prevent common infectious diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis, pneumonia, and others, based on your requirements and medical history.

  • General Health Counseling:

You can take care of your overall health under the shadow of medical experts as we offer general health counselling on health and wellness, including exercise, stress management, smoking cessation, and preventive measures that are unique to your health goals. 

  • Neurological Exam

Our health experts are well-trained to assess your nerve function, muscle strength, reflexes and balance to rule out any possible neurological disorder.

How Can Our Wellness Physicals Service Help You?

Ready to take charge of your health? Here is how getting a physical wellness exam can help you achieve better health despite your busy and hectic routine:

  • Early Detection: With our experienced medical staff, we will help you detect potential health issues at an early stage, allowing timely intervention and treatment. 
  • Personalized Care and Treatment: Our urgent care providers provide personalized care based on your needs and health goals. 
  • Prevention Of Diseases: We can identify possible risk factors and help prevent chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc)  and promote your overall health by recommending the necessary precautions. 
  • Review Your Existing Medications: The healthcare provider can review your existing condition and also check your medications to ensure that you require any adjustments or modifications, if necessary. Also, they can offer personalized guidance on potential interactions or side effects associated with your current medication.

When Can You Get A Wellness Physical Check-up?

Wellness physical check-ups can be done any time you feel like checking up on your health or as your healthcare provider recommends based on your age, medical history, and risk factors. Generally, wellness physical check-ups should be done once a year, depending on your age and medical condition. 

Address Your Medical Concerns Today!​

Don’t wait for disease symptoms to knock at your doorstep! Take some steps towards better health today! 

You can schedule your wellness physical checkup at Family Urgent Care and prioritize your health and well-being. Once your physical wellness checkup is done, our providers will recommend you strategies and steps you can take to become healthier and happier.  

Contact us now to book your appointment and start taking care of your health right away.


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