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What, Why & How

Let us give you an idea about what is an abscess and what is a cyst. An abscess is a skin problem where boils form on the skin filled with pus within the tissue of the body. The most common location of abscess is armpits, the base of the spine, groin, anus, or even tooth. It usually takes place at any part of the body and is harmless, but painful and warm to touch.
People having weak immune systems are more likely to have these on their body.
A skin cyst is quite different from the abscess. It is defined as pockets of tissue but they could be filled with either pus, fluid or any other material. They are painless and take a long period to develop completely. These too can occur at any location of the body. They are described as the feeling of large peas under the skin.


Let’s talk about the causes of skin cysts and abscess:
A skin abscess is usually a reaction of bacteria entering the skin. It happens when there is an obstruction of the sweat or oil glands, an inflamed hair follicle, or already punctured skin. The inflammation pushes the formation of a cavity to be occupied by infection so it cannot be contagious and affect other parts of the body. Now the interior of the abscess liquefies causing pus and develops swelling. The pain is due to inflammation and pressure on the skin. On the other hand, skin cysts happen due to infection, clogged oil glands, or where foreign objects are intact with the skin like earrings.


It is important to talk about the treatment as well. Treatment of abscess is not possible with the aid of antibiotics only, but there has to be proper clinical care called ‘incision and drainage’ I&D. Get your abscess treated with trained staff because abscess shall be treated with extreme care and punctuality.
Skin cysts are not a problem unless they are ruptured. Some are treated similar to skin abscess while in case of inflammation, injection of cortisone is required. If no cure is observed then surgery is helpful for its removal.
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