No Need To Disturb Your Daily Routine For Lab Testings

Imagine your healthcare provider writing multiple lab tests you need before your next follow-up! Feels daunting, right? With your hectic schedule and pending deadlines, commuting to another lab-testing facility seems impossible. 

No need to worry! We know that lab testing is a crucial part of the diagnostic process. Therefore, Family Urgent Care offers a wide range of lab testing and imaging services for our patients.

You won’t have to wait in long waiting rooms to get your tests done as here, right after your consultation, you can have any lab testing you might need for a proper diagnosis or monitoring.

Providing A Wide Range Of In-House Lab Testing Services To Our Patients

Our walk-in clinic provides various diagnostic tests to ensure the timely identification and treatment of your health concerns. No appointment is necessary to access these services so you can receive the care you need at your convenience.

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Biometabolic Profile Screening

In metabolic profile screening, the provider checks a patient’s vital signs, such as blood pressure, height, and weight, and other related parameters to identify abnormal levels or patterns to help diagnose metabolic disorders like diabetes, obesity or dyslipidemia.

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X-ray imaging is a technique your physician might use for a clear view to diagnose bone fractures, pneumonia, locate foreign bodies, and more. We offer convenient X-ray imaging at our urgent care facility so you don’t have to bear additional costs of going to another lab testing facility.

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STD Testing

You might be concerned about noticing symptoms such as unusual discharge from the vagina or penis, itchy genitals, blisters or rash near your genitals. We have all the necessary equipment required for appropriate STD testing so that the doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan.

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TB Testing

Both TB skin tests and blood tests are available at Family Urgent Care. However, you might need to visit the clinic two times if you have got a positive skin test. Another option is that you can book a phone or video appointment instead of commuting to the clinic a second time.

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Mono Testing

Mononucleosis is a viral infection that causes fever and fatigue. An accurate diagnosis is needed to treat the condition; therefore, we offer in-house mono testing to ensure that you get the right treatment and recover completely.

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Pregnancy Testing

While home pregnancy tests are considered accurate, you might want to confirm the results or get advice on how to proceed further. Healthcare professionals at Family Urgent Care will not only help you verify the results but we will also provide emotional support and guidance to patients who receive positive or negative results.

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Drug Testing

Drug testing includes taking a sample of blood or urine for chemical indicators of performance enhancers or prohibited drugs.

Why Is Family Urgent Care More Convenient For Lab Tests?

Here’s why our urgent care is a more convenient option when it comes to lab testing:

Easy On Your Pocket: Lab tests at our urgent care centers are relatively cost-effective compared to emergency rooms or other healthcare facilities. 

Extended Hours: We are open seven days a week beyond regular business hours so you can visit us whenever time is at your convenience. 

Quick Turnaround Of Results: You can receive results within days or weeks depending on the type of lab test you had. There’s no need to schedule a separate physical appointment to pick up your lab reports.

Book Phone or Video Appointments: Once your lab results are out, you can book a phone or video appointment to consult a healthcare provider to provide you with a treatment plan or review your lab results.


Carefully selecting a health insurance plan is one way to ensure availability of primary care services when needed.

We’re a one-stop solution for all your family healthcare needsWe offer a wide range of medical services that include routine check-ups, personalized care, and preventive care in order to promote your overall well-being.

At Family Urgent Care, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include annual and routine check-ups, acute and chronic disease management, illness and injury treatment, general health counseling, patient education, lab testing and screening for a proper diagnosis.

For a physical check-up, you can book an appointment by simply clicking on the ‘Book Appointment’ button on the top right-hand corner. Just fill out the form, enter all the details, select the date and time, and there you have it! You’ll receive SMS or email from our team once your appointment is confirmed. If you wish to connect with a healthcare provider online, you can also book an online video or phone appointment with us and get a medical consultation right away from the comfort of your home!

Yes! You can directly walk-in without scheduling a prior appointment and meet our doctors for any health concerns you have.

We accept a wide range of insurance that include Medicaid Humana, Health Smart, Golden Rule, Geha, Coventry Healthcare, Aetna, Amerigroup Real Solutions, Anthem, Cigna, Community Health, Meridian, Medicare Health Insurance and much more. 

To make the most of your physical appointment with us, you should bring your identification card, insurance details, relevant medical records and a list of current medications, if any. 

The waiting time can vary from 15-30 minutes depending upon the number of patients in a day. If you wish to reduce your waiting time, you can book an appointment and visit at the time of your scheduled meeting with the provider. Otherwise, you can also book same-day online phone or video appointments with our health providers if you can’t visit the clinic due to any reason.