urinary tract infection

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What, Why & How

Women’s health is indeed very important, and there are many illnesses which belong to women’s bodies alone. Since the anatomy of a female’s body is quite different than the male’s, many diseases are unique to women. Urinary tract infections are one of the most common infections found in women that happen to be generated by bacteria. When the bacteria make their way to the urethra from the bladder, know that the infection has started to occur.
Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, have three types, cystitis, urethritis, and pyelonephritis.
The infection in the bladder is called cystitis. It is the most common type of UTI.
This type of UTI appears to be inflammation in the urethra. It is the second most common type of UTI. It usually happens from having sexual intercourse when the partner is already suffering from an STI (sexually transmitted infection).
It is more dangerous than the two described above. This type of UTI occurs when the bacteria spread from the bladder to kidneys through the bloodstream.

Causes of urinary tract infections

Like any other disease, there are many causes of UTIs as well. The main reason why females have a greater tendency to develop UTIs is their short urethras. This difference in anatomy makes them more open to the infection because the bacteria responsible live near rectum and colon. Once the bacteria is introduced into the urethra, the UTI has begun, and it multiplies, traveling along the bladder where it spreads until it reaches the urethra.
Other than this, there are several things that may add fuel to the fire and contribute to infection:
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The symptoms of UTI

The following is a list of the symptoms that you must be aware of. If you or a loved one exhibits these symptoms, rush to Family Urgent Care at once!
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How do we diagnose?

We conduct various urine tests to see the ph level and the appearance of the infection. If the reports come back positive, then our doctors recommend an antibiotic course that produces results in a few days. The duration of infection totally depends on the intensity of the infection. Medicines like Tylenol, Motrin, or Arzo help to relieve pain.
The best way to stay away from UTIs is to urinate after intercourse, drink lots of fluids, maintain proper hygiene, use sanitary pads instead of tampons, and avoid alcohol and caffeine.
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