urinary tract infection

Get Prompt Medical Care and Attention To Recover From UTI

Get UTI Treated Under Expert Medical Care!

If you’re feeling a burning sensation during peeing or have a sudden urge to urinate along with lower abdominal pain, it is possible that you might have a urinary tract infection. 

It is time to seek expert medical care and get proper treatment, as the troublesome bacteria might cause further complications. Urinary tract infections are most common, especially in women. The bacteria can easily reach the urethra, causing a burning sensation during peeing and increased urinary frequency and urgency. 

If you experience any concerning symptoms, our medical experts are ready to help you recover from a urinary tract infection within no time.

Three Types Of UTIs In Females

There are three types of Urinary tract infections (UTIs). These are cystitis, urethritis, and pyelonephritis.


It is the most common type of UTI caused due to inflammation in the urinary bladder.


This type of UTI appears to be inflammation in the urethra. It is the second most common type of UTI, mostly caused by bacteria or viruses. E. coli, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea are some of the most common bacteria that cause urethritis. However, it is often caused by sexually transmitted infections as well.


This type of UTI occurs when the bacteria spread from the urinary bladder to the kidneys through the bloodstream causing a kidney infection.

Causes Of Urinary Tract Infections

Like any other disease, there are many causes of UTIs as well. The main reason why females have a greater tendency to develop UTIs is their short urethras. This difference in anatomy makes them more prone to UTI. Once the bacteria enters into the urethra, it multiplies, traveling along the urinary bladder where it spreads until it reaches the kidney.

Other than this, several things may add fuel to the fire and contribute to infection:

  • Sexual intercourse, especially if your partner is carrying the infection.
  • Not urinating properly sometimes leads to UTI. It is important that you empty your bladder whenever you urge to go to the bathroom. 
  • Urinary catheters
  • Patients having kidney stones.
  •  Pregnancy
  • Diabetes

What Are The Symptoms Of UTI?

Here are some of the red flags to notice when it comes to UTI. If you or your loved one exhibits any of these symptoms, you can visit Family Urgent Care right away!

Visit Family Urgent Care, where we will provide you with convenient care and advise a personalized treatment plan to help you recover from UTI.

What Can You Expect At The Doctor’s Office?

Visit Family Urgent Care, where we will provide you with convenient care and advise a personalized treatment plan to help you recover from UTI.

  • Your doctor will take your medical history
  • Ask you about your current symptoms
  • Order some lab tests (urinalysis, urine culture, or CBC), if necessary. 
  • Physical exam if needed.

The doctor then determines your appropriate treatment based on the severity of the infection and additional medical conditions. If you have a severe infection along with other complications, your doctor might also refer you to a specialized clinic. 


How Are We Different?

Dealing with urinary tract infections can feel like a pain in the neck, especially if the symptoms keep coming back. But worry not! Whenever you suspect a urinary tract infection, don’t hesitate to contact Family Urgent Care for quick assistance from experienced healthcare professionals.

You can walk into our clinic or even book an appointment if you live near Rogers Park, Lincoln Park in Chicago or Schererville in Indiana. 

Our board-certified medical experts listen to your symptoms carefully and order lab tests if necessary. After evaluating your symptoms, they prescribe you appropriate medicines to recover from UTI. So, do not delay getting your treatment and contact us right away. 

However, if your daily schedule is piled up and you can’t leave your home or office, you can still visit our doctors online by booking a phone or video appointment for UTI.

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