sore throat

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What, Why & How

Sore throat is a bad health condition because it brings much more problems with itself. It makes normal routine difficult, and gives an uneasy feeling to the patient. Even though the illness has a proper cure, the time taking process irritates the patient. The infection may get worse if not treated in time.
People having sore throat face the following side effects:

What causes the Sore Throat

Environmental influences:
Sore throat is contagious therefore, there could be many ways one could get into trouble just because they are surrounded by people having it. Breathing in the air of smokers, known as passive smoking, open to pollution, and an after effect of yelling, all these are likely to be the reason for your sore throat infection. Be very careful with what company you choose for yourself.
Viral infection:
Cold, fever, viruses like chicken pox, measles, mononucleosis, and croup in children are the top listed infections which cause a sore throat. If you have any of these, and a sore throat appears, this is the only reason why you suffer from it. In case of having one of these infections and sore throat along, visit FamUrgent Care to get urgent clinical help and proper medication.
Bacterial infection:
When the sore throat lasts for more than 48 hrs, you should definitely go for an urgent clinic to get rapid strep test because people diagnosed with strep throat are most likely to have bacterial infection.Diphtheria whooping-cough are also bacterial infection which will be well treated at FamUrgent Care.
In case of difficult breathing and swallowing, high fever and rashes, visit the FamUrgent Care doctor and seek urgent clinic.

Remedies for Sore Throat

Some home remedies are