Jock Itch

Consult An Experienced Healthcare Professional To Get The Right Treatment And Care

Jock Itch is one of the common fungal infections that affects the groin, inner thighs and buttocks. This fungal infection can affect anyone who is exposed to warm, moist or damp environments or wears tight or thick clothes for long hours. 

Although jock itch is typically harmless and the symptoms are mild, if left untreated, the infection can spread to other areas of your body which can lead to further complications. Therefore, it is essential to seek expert medical care to reduce future complications. 

So, as soon as you notice any unusual symptoms on your groin or inner thighs, such as itchiness, rash, or scaly skin, you need to contact an urgent care clinic immediately.

Five Common Symptoms of Jock Itch To Keep An Eye On

If you notice any telltale signs of jock itch, you can contact the Family Urgent Care clinic and visit us for early treatment and care. Some common symptoms include:

  • A full or partial ring-shaped rash that is often red, raised or scaly
  • The rash might have blisters that ooze
  • Rash spreads from the groin and moves down to the upper thighs and buttocks
  • Itchiness and feeling of discomfort
  • Rash that gets worse when exposed to moist environments.

Who Is At More Risk Of Experiencing A Jock Itch?

Some people who are more prone to having jock itch are: 

  • Athletes such as runners, cyclists and swimmers
  • A male or female who has more skin folds due to obesity 
  • People who have a high tendency to sweat or suffer from hyperhidrosis
  • Your immune system doesn’t function properly because of HIV, AIDS, diabetes, etc.
  • People who wear tight and thick clothes for hours
  • You have a pre-existing skin condition like eczema or psoriasis. 

If you can relate to any of the above-mentioned groups, you need to be extremely cautious and visit an urgent care clinic if you notice any unusual symptoms.

When Should I Contact A Doctor For Jock Itch?

Jock itch usually isn’t very serious and the symptoms might wear off in 1 to 3 weeks with topical antifungal medicines and self-care. However, if the symptoms are severe and you feel persistent discomfort, rash, pain or itching in the groin, inner thigh or buttocks, you can visit an urgent care clinic right away. 

What Can You Expect In An Urgent Care Clinic?

When you visit an urgent care clinic for jock itch your doctor will analyze your symptoms and diagnose on how your skin looks. 

If necessary, the doctor may order some tests to diagnose the fungal infection. Such tests include a simple KOH exam or a skin culture. 

You might need an appropriate treatment plan to fully recover from jock itch. Therefore, an urgent care provider prescribes topical or oral antifungal medications. In some cases, antibiotics might be necessary too to treat a possible bacterial infection that might occur due to scratching the area.

Recover From Jock Itch By Consulting Our Healthcare Professionals

Family Urgent Care operates in multiple locations in Indiana and Illinois: Roger’s Park, Lincoln Park and Schererville. 

Whenever you or your loved one catches a fungal infection – Jock itch, we have got your back! Our board-certified medical experts and experienced healthcare providers listen to your health concerns, your symptoms, perform lab tests and deliver the right treatment and care you need to recover from the infection. 

So, do not hesitate and visit us for prompt relief. Your path to recovery begins right here!

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