Jock Itch

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What, Why and How

Jock itch, also known as tinea cruris, is a form of fungal infection. It is actually a form of the ringworm fungi, an infection which affects the outer layers of skin. Jock itch develops in the groin area spreading into inner thighs to the buttocks. The disease can happen both in women and men.
Jock itch develops due to a fungus which is in a damp, dark area where there is no passage of air. The common causes include a steamy environment like the ones in the locker room, they have wet floors as well, damp towels or sweaty workout clothes like jerseys are most likely to cause jock itch too. The fungal infection is extremely uncomfortable, produces itching, causes redness, it can even get life threatening if the treatment is not taken seriously.

Who has the ability to develop jock itch?

There is no particular need to develop jock itch which is certainly one of the most dangerous things. Here we have enlisted the people and their having which might play a big role in developing jock itch:
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What could be the symptoms of jock itch?

Other than rashes, burning and itching, jock itch has a few more symptoms which you must know in order to indicate if you are at the risk of getting it. Here are the most likely symptoms you can have:
One must know that jock itch does not appear on the penis, scrotum or inside of vagina. If you feel itchiness or redness in these areas then immediately see a doctor!
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Our doctors at Family Urgent Care indeed give the convenient care required by the patient but they do not make a diagnosis based on the sight only, they may even take a sample of the rash for confirmation.

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Avoid using athlete’s foot cream in the groin area. Our professionals at Family Urgent Care give anti-fungal medicines by either oral use or in the form of ointment which must be used regularly for prevention of the return of the infection.