Injuries &

Extensive Care

Whether you or your child got injured during a baseball match or perhaps you suspect a minor fracture or dislocation has occurred due to an accidental fall, you can visit our clinic for a wide range of minor injuries or illnesses for accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

Our skilled and experienced healthcare providers and doctors are ready to provide prompt relief and guide you toward a full recovery.

A Go-To Solution For A Wide Range of Minor Injuries & Illnesses​

Here are some of the services that we offer under injuries and extensive care: 

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Abdominal Pain Relief

If you have been suffering from abdominal pain and can’t identify the cause, leave it to our healthcare providers. They will help you identify the underlying cause and provide an appropriate treatment plan for symptom relief.

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Fractures & Dislocations

Sports mishaps, accidental falls or other trauma may cause fractures or dislocations. Our dedicated team of healthcare providers and doctors is committed to providing prompt and compassionate care when you suffer from minor fractures and dislocations.

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1st & 2nd Degree Burns

At Family Urgent Care, our team of expert healthcare providers is here to help you treat and manage first and second-degree burns. To get quick relief from painful burns, you can walk into our clinic or book an appointment.

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Laceration Repair

Whether you had an accidental cut or a laceration, you might need proper wound care and handling to minimize the risk of potential infections. You can visit us to seek urgent care for proper first aid and promote healing of any type of wound.

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Muscle Sprains & Strains

Whether you have overused your limbs or had a ligament injury due to a twisted joint, seeking urgent care is necessary to prevent further complications and get back to your daily activities.

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Foreign Body Removal

Inserting or ingesting foreign bodies or objects like small pieces of food or toys is quite common in children. On the other hand, adults might injure themselves with sharp metallic objects or glass pieces. No matter the case, you can walk into our clinic for prompt and safe foreign object removal from your body or your child.

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Abscess & Cysts

If you suffer from a skin abscess or cyst, you might experience swelling along with a visible build-up of yellow or white fluid. Visit Family Urgent Care, where expert healthcare providers will drain an abscess or cyst and guide you caring for the wound at home.

Find Prompt Relief And Comfort After Visiting Family Urgent Care​

Our team of experienced physicians and staff is here to guide you through the recovery process, providing thorough guidance and support at every step. We understand that every injury is different, which is why we offer a variety of services tailored to the severity of your symptoms. You can trust that you’re in good hands.

Some Other Services That You Might Need During Treatment of Minor Injuries or Illnesses

Lab Testing: We have an in-house lab testing facility where we offer a wide range of lab tests that you may need to get an accurate diagnosis from the doctor. 

X-ray Imaging: Detailed imaging helps physicians identify the severity of bone and soft tissue injuries and devise a treatment protocol based on that severity.

First Aid: We have well-trained medical professionals who can provide you with first aid for cuts, lacerations or burns, bee stings, allergic reactions or other common accidents. 

Book Video Or Phone Appointments: If you want to connect with our doctor from the comfort of your home, you can book a telehealth appointment and consult a healthcare professional without commuting to the clinic.


We’re a one-stop solution for all your family healthcare needsWe offer a wide range of medical services that include routine check-ups, personalized care, and preventive care in order to promote your overall well-being.

At Family Urgent Care, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include annual and routine check-ups, acute and chronic disease management, illness and injury treatment, general health counseling, patient education, lab testing and screening for a proper diagnosis.

You can book your own appointments easily by clicking on the ‘Book Appointment’ button on the top right hand corner of our home page, or by clicking here. Fill out the form, choose the type of visit you’d like, select date and time from there and click on “Book Your Appointment”

Yes! You can walk in directly without scheduling a prior appointment and meet our doctors for any health concerns you have.

We accept a wide range of insurance that include Medicaid Humana, Health Smart, Golden Rule, Geha, Coventry Healthcare, Aetna, Amerigroup Real Solutions, Anthem, Cigna, Community Health, Meridian, Medicare Health Insurance and much more. 

To make the most of your physical appointment with us, you should bring your identification card, insurance details, relevant medical records and a list of current medications, if any. 

The waiting time can vary from 15-30 minutes depending upon the number of patients in a day. If you wish to reduce your waiting time, you can book an appointment and visit at the time of your scheduled meeting with the provider. Otherwise, you can also book same-day online phone or video appointments with our health providers if you can’t visit the clinic due to any reason. 

Yes! You can walk in directly without scheduling a prior appointment and meet our doctors for any health concerns you have.

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