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What, Why and How

There are several injuries caused by burns. Most of them are extremely painful and difficult to treat as the burns take a longer period of time to treat. Like every other disease, burns have different stages as well which depicts the seriousness of gouge. Let us have a look at them:
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1st Degree:

This is the least painful burn wound which happens to be irritable skin with a little redness on the skin. Urgent treatment will remove the problem. FamUrgent Care has all the medicines like aloe, lidocaine and acetaminophens to treat patients.

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2nd Degree:

This stage includes blistering of skin which shows the urgency of the matter. Thus, we suggest the patient to urgently visit the emergency room if they can relate to this degree of burning. Our staff will take care of the rest.

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3rd Degree:

The third-degree burn is defined as the one where the skin is thickly burnt and the colors appear to be brown other than red. One shall straight head to the emergency room without any single thought so they can get proper nursing in time.

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4th Degree:

The most dangerous stage when the nerve fibers are burnt and destroyed without any pain to the patient. There should be an ambulance called in this case as it could certainly lead to some serious issues.

It is better for you to be extra careful now as FamUrgent Care is at just a call away to serve you. Therefore, you always have us for the urgent care you require. The burns could out-turn into life-threatening problems, cure them with our quick and urgent care clinic!