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What, Why and How

With advancement in every sector, Family Urgent Care has taken a step forward in maintaining the health records of our patients. Biometric screening has become a significant way of measuring down the important readings of your body. This way is safer and easier as well!

The health factors we measure!

The basic health factors which can be easily measured are mentioned below:
Many screenings other than these are performed. These tests must be performed every 5 years. Not only do we say this but it is suggested by your doctors as well. Family Urgent Care sends the proper tips and recommendations if any of these are found disturbed in your body, depending upon your reports.

Difference between Bio Metric Screening and Wellness Exams?

Wellness exams are conducted to gather the report about the functioning of your organs while on the other hand, biometric screening totally depends upon the stability of cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate and factors like these which are known to be ‘risk factors’.
Visit Family Urgent Care prior to any clinic because of its urgent care walk-in clinic facility which demands no pre booking of appointments but simply visiting the clinic and explaining the reason of your visit. The ease in directly coming to the clinic without making appointments is what makes things convenient for you!
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