Urgent Care, Rogers Park

Providing comprehensive healthcare services, including walk-ins, lab testing, acute and chronic disease management, and health counseling

Providing comprehensive healthcare services, including walk-ins, lab testing, acute and chronic disease management and health counseling


Are you seeking an urgent care facility in W. Rogers Park, Chicago? In an emergency, you’re looking for a quick response time with efficient treatment of the problem.

Let us assure you Family Urgent Care Clinic has got your back. We are a medical center in W. Rogers Park, Chicago, helping patients suffering from different illnesses and diseases gain health.

Whether it is an accident or your kid has injured themselves during a game, we can provide them with the urgent medical care they need.

You can also contact our professional doctors in case of illnesses like fever, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

If you need a diagnosis or immediate medical care, we are here to help. Contact us today!

How Can You Reach Us For Urgent Care Services In W. Rogers Park?

In W. Rogers Park, you can reach our medical center for medical help. Here are a few methods to get in touch.

  • Visit our website and book an appointment
  • Call now, and our customer support representative can solve your queries
  • Walk in, and our medical team can help you directly
  • Depending on your situation and availability, you can contact the Family Urgent Care clinic in W. Rogers Park.


Urgent Medical Care Requirements, Rogers Park Clinic

The statistical data from 2021 depicts the population of W. Rogers Park to be 55,628. It has recently been ranked among the top 5 neighborhoods in the United States. Apart from the lush green environment, low crime, and availability of education and commutation facilities, the town’s medical facilities have also helped make it a great place to live.

Within the multiple hospitals and medical centers available, Family Urgent Care Clinic takes pride in serving patients 24/7, whether through physical checkups or telehealth facilities. Our professional team is always available to help patients with their illnesses and medical emergencies; if you need help, contact us today!

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