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One of the worst pains known in the history of medicine includes headaches and migraines. The condition of the patient gets extremely sensitive when he suffers through the pain. It is important in such cases to seek medical help. The FamUrgent Care is the best urgent care walk-in clinic where every doctor is qualified enough to treat patients with ability.
The rate of migraines and headaches is increasing with the generation because the likely causes of the pain are increasing. There are kinds of headaches categorized by the causes because each one has some different triggering elements. Let us see some of the different types of headaches which are commonly seen in the patients.

Types of Headaches

Tension headaches:
The core reason behind the tension headache is stress and tension. This type of headache brings tightness around the scalp with tenderness in the neck and shoulders. With the developing world, stress and anxiety is increasing too which is becoming a reason for this headache. The treatment is simple because the cause is pretty easy to drop. Healthy habits, tension-free lifestyle are the key factors to get rid of this headache.
Cluster headaches:
It is defined by having one sided pain in the head with pain flashes around the eye and pressure effect. It lasts for about several hours to even a few days. The cluster headache is quite painful and can be treated with the help of medicines. You need to visit FamUrgent Care to consult a doctor and get urgent care for your cluster headache.
Sinus headaches:
Sinus headaches are pretty common among the people experiencing sinus or flu. The pain extends from cheekbones to forehead and even the nose bridge. There is stiffness in the region with heaviness in the head. Sometimes, the person may get a runny nose and high fever too. Sinus headaches are better treated by home remedies. Tea with honey and cardamom, ginger tea and a few more tips can help relieve the pain.
The pain is extremely sharp and throbbing and extends from half head to eye and neck. Migraines bring a lot of discomfort among the patients. The person may feel nauseous, fatigue, feverish, irritability, dizziness, fatigue, sensitivity to light. The causes of migraines include stress, changes in appetite, disturbed sleep schedule etc. Migraines is basically a nerve pain which can be treated with some special medicines but in case of extreme pain, pain relieving injections are required too.
These were some of the most common types of headaches depending upon different reasons. If you face any of the pain you should consider paying a visit to the FamUrgent Care clinic where convenient care for your headache will be provided. Even if the case is urgent, urgent care will be given too.

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