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What, Why & How

Pap Smear is a routine procedure performed by the doctors to treat cervical cancer which is mostly found in women above age 21 years. Research states that this simple procedure has lowered the mortality rate from cervical cancer by 50 percent within the last 40 years.
Most of the women start to get Pap Smear when they reach the age of 21. While some need frequent pap smear due to the higher risk of having cervical cancer. This is mostly when these women are diagnosed with HIV-positive or when they have a weak immune system. The root cause of cervical cancer is the human papillomavirus (HPV), WHICH IS AN std (Sexually Transmitted Disease) but can take years to show up the symptoms. But that does not mean that the women who are sexually active must only get Pap Smear, those who are not active shall also receive it because not every cancer is caused by viral infection.

Procedure of receiving pap smear

The procedure could be a little painful. It happens with scraping out a small sample of cells from the cervix. The sample is further sent to the lab for testing or identifying the presence of abnormal cells. Some patients might bleed while the procedure takes place, it could be painful as well but quick too.
After getting the results of the sample, the tests could be negative or positive both. The negative report means you are free from any danger for the next 3 years. While in case of positive reports, it is not necessary that cancer is present, just abnormal cells.
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