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Ready to hit the game safely after a sports physical exam? Here’s your ticket to staying healthy and reducing the risk of injuries whenever you’re participating in a sport or camp. 

Whether you require a health and wellness examination for a sports league or you’re planning a camping trip with your batch mates, Family Urgent Care offers wellness exams for your needs.

Visit us today in Illinois or Indiana by booking your appointment or simply walk into our clinic and keep your health updated. 

Why Does Your Child Need Sports Physicals?

Every child who participates in any kind of sport or camping trip should get a physical wellness exam as it helps in:

  • Identifying pre-existing medical conditions or health issues that might pose a risk to your health during sports activity.
  • Assessing the overall fitness level and stamina by checking cardiovascular health, muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Preventing the likelihood of injuries as the provider identifies the risk of sport-related injuries and counsels on how you can prevent them. 
  • Some schools and sports organizations often require sports physicals to confirm that the person has a medical clearance to participate in different sports.

Sports physical exam is mostly done to protect your health and well-being and also to reduce the risk of injuries or medical emergencies.

What Happens During A Sports Physical?

During the sports and camp physical, the health provider will inquire about your child’s medical history and general health, including previous hospitalizations, injuries, or illnesses that might affect their participation in sports or other activities.

The child will undergo an examination of the following:

  1. Medical history review: the provider will ask about the medical history of the child and family, allergies, past injuries, previous hospitalizations or if your child is taking any prescription or non-prescription medicines. 
  2. General physical exam: This includes a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, checking your heart, lungs and examining joints and muscles. 
  3. Evaluating muscle function: The provider will examine the joints, muscles, and flexibility to identify any issues that may affect your child’s performance in sports or increase the risk of injury.
  4. Discussion of sports participation: After assessing your general health parameters, the provider reviews your sports participation history and addresses all your concerns regarding the chosen sport. 
  5. Clearance for participation: At the end, the provider allows you to participate in sports activities based on your physical exam findings. However, if further evaluation is required, you will be referred to a specialist. 

Some Tips To Prepare For Sports Physical Exam At Family Urgent Care

To fully utilize your sports exam, you should make sure that you bring all the following information,

  • Any past medical history of acute or chronic illness, surgeries or hospitalizations, if any
  • You should bring a list of medicines you take, including supplements, over-the-counter or prescription medicines if any.
  • If you had any past injuries like concussions, dislocated bones or broken bones, you should discuss it with the provider.
  • If you have passed out, felt dizzy or had any chest pains or trouble in breathing, tell the details to the provider
  • Also bring your vaccination records for tetanus, influenza or any other vaccine
  • Your insurance card, details of the company and coverage verification, if any. 

Your One-Stop Solution For Sports or Camp-related Minor Injuries And Illnesses​

Sports injuries are unpredictable! One fall on the baseball pitch and there you’ve scraped off your knee. 

So, Family Urgent Care aims to become your go-to solution whenever you need immediate medical attention for a non-life-threatening injury. 

Whether you require a comprehensive physical exam for medical clearance or you need immediate medical attention for a sports-related minor injury, you can visit Family Urgent Care in Illinois or Indiana at your convenience.


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