Athlete’s Foot

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What, Why & How

Athlete’s foot is not really known with this name but we are sure the problem must be known with this name. As we know many patients dealing with this issue. Tinea pedis is the medical name for the fungal infection that starts growing between the toes of the same foot.
As suggested by the name, the problem does not only limit athletes but it can happen with anyone who has a habit of wearing shoes. The common reason for an athlete’s foot is the warmness due to covered feet. The feet usually get moist and stay placed in the damp, dark area which gives rise to fungal infection. Infection is present on the heel, sole, back or top of the foot, and toe webs. Infections like jock and itch are close to the athlete’s foot.

The possible symptoms of athlete’s foot:

Following could be the possible thing happening to you because all the symptoms mentioned below are thoroughly read and understood before mentioning. If you find any of these happening with you, seek convenient care from Family Urgent Care to start your treatment at the earliest!
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How do we diagnose?

Our professional doctors do not only depend upon the symptoms mentioned above, but some skin tests are also necessary for a confirmation. In case you are treated positively with an athlete’s foot, it is suggested to seek medical care immediately because athlete’s foot is contagious and it might get worse without treatment.

How to treat an athlete's foot?

Since the infection is fungal, the doctors at Family Urgent Care prescribe some anti-fungal medicines. These could either be taken by mouth or applied topically. If the infection is found to be only bacterial, doctors prescribe antibiotics instead of anti-fungal.


Prevention is the best cure. You can prevent yourself from athlete’s foot by following simple habits:
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