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What, Why and How

Strep throat is as dangerous as any other contagious disease. If you feel like you’re suffering from strep throat, you should definitely rush to get medical help from FamUrgent Care.
The common symptoms include:
If you observe any of such symptoms, we suggest you head to FamUrgent Care, where the doctors are available at every hour to give you prompt urgent care without a wait.

When should you rush to the ER in case of an allergic reaction?

Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction include sudden raised, red areas (hives) all over the body; swelling of the throat, mouth, lips, or tongue; troubled breathing; passing out (losing consciousness); or feeling very light-headed or weak. In such cases give yourself an epinephrine shot before getting into the ER.
Family Urgent Care clinics provide ER services and have professionals who can provide immediate care for your allergies. We entertain walk-in consultations, checkups, and ER services. Contact us today for your family, and yourself. We have three locations, Schererville Urgent Care Clinic, Lincoln Park Urgent care Clinic, and Morse Urgent Care Clinic. Visit us today!
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