fractures and dislocations

Get Expert Medical Care For Quick Recovery

From sports mishaps to everyday stumbles or accidental falls, fractures can happen anywhere and anytime. While some minor fractures aren’t very serious, broken bones need complete bed rest and a lot of care. 

So, whether you get hit in sports or perhaps you had an accidental fall, it is better to consult a healthcare professional right away. 

At Family Urgent Care, our dedicated team of healthcare providers and doctors are committed to provide prompt and compassionate care when you suffer from minor fractures and dislocations. So, visit us by booking an appointment or directly walking into the clinic and consult our experienced doctors right away.

What Type Of Fractures Are Treated At An Urgent Care?

Urgent care centers are well-equipped with the right tools, supplies, machines and a trained medical staff to diagnose and treat various types of minor fractures and dislocations. 

Some common types of fracture include: 

Stable fracture: This is a simple fracture in which a bone breaks but remains aligned and in normal position. This is the most common type of fracture treated at urgent care facilities. 

Hairline fracture: This is also known as a partial or stress fracture and results in a crack or bruise within the bone. These fractures are often caused by repetitive stress or overuse such as dancing, running or jumping.

Closed fracture: When this occurs, your bone will break completely, but the skin surrounding the bone remains intact. You will feel severe pain, but the damage may not be noticeable. 

Greenstick fracture: In this type of fracture, the bone bends and breaks on only one side. If you or your child experiences this type of fracture, it is better to contact an emergency care facility. 

Compound fractures: This is also called open fracture and it occurs when the skin barrier breaks along with the bone. You will typically see a piece of bone protruding from the skin. Compound fractures require an emergency care facility so call 911 as soon as you see a person with an open fracture.

What Are The Symptoms Of Minor Fractures?​

Symptoms of minor fractures, also known as hairline fractures or stress fractures, can vary depending on the location and severity of the injury. However, common symptoms may include:

Pain: You’ll feel mild to moderate at the site of fracture in hairline or stress fractures which might improve with rest. 

Swelling: There is a noticeable localized swelling around the area of the fracture.

Bruising: Mild bruising or discoloration may be present

Localized Warmth & Tenderness: The area around the fracture may feel warm and tender to the touch.

Difficulty Bearing Weight: Depending on the location of the fracture, there may be discomfort or difficulty when you try to lift some weight. 

Limited range of motion: You might feel difficulty in moving due to pain and swelling.

Minor fractures may seem less serious to many people but these need proper diagnosis and treatment for proper healing. Therefore, if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you can contact Family Urgent Care for a proper evaluation and treatment. 


How Family Urgent Care Can Help With Minor Fractures?

We know that fractures and dislocations can seem a bit scary! Fret not! Once you seek professional help early, you can increase your chances of healing the bone faster and prevent future complications.

At Family Urgent Care, we have an in-house X-ray machine to assess the location of the fracture and its severity. After a proper evaluation and diagnosis, our doctors will immobilize the affected limb using a splint, brace or cast. Moreover, you will receive proper counseling and guidance on modifying your daily activities and avoiding activities that can exacerbate stress or pain on the injured area. 

Last but not the least, we might also book follow up appointments which includes monitoring the healing process and making adjustments to the treatment plan. And if needed, patients might also be instructed to follow up with an orthopedic specialist for further evaluation and management. 

So, ready to take the first step towards your recovery today? Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced doctors or walk into our clinic for prompt treatment.

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