laceration repair

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What, Why and How

One of the very common traumas is laceration which is defined as the tear, cut on the skin due to a hard hit. The puncture wound is completely different from skin laceration. The puncture is more than the damage to the skin, it reaches the flesh too. While skin laceration stays till the skin and sometimes the tissues.
Puncture wounds are the results of a total different occurring damage to the body. It usually happens when sharp round objects like nails enter the area and leave it then and there but laceration appears to be quite different. The damaged area involves deep soft body tissue which is bruised to an extent that it may result in bacterial growth. Due to the entrance of the foreign body in the skin, debris is left there which may even turn into infection later.
In case of facing skin laceration, you shall seek urgent medical care for which FamUrgent Care is available! We look after the injury care with the most professional nursing staff so the laceration repair is done within the right time. Delaying the process could lead to various growth of infections inside the skin. Our trained staff finds out the depth of the laceration to determine if the treatment requires an injection of tetanus or stitches. The injections help in providing immunity to foreign bacteria making differences in the body.
To provide you with the best and in-time treatment, we inspect our patients and gain as much history as we can. Certain questions like when did the incident take place? What really caused the laceration? Is it an animal bite or any object? specifications about the object. These questions are asked for better understanding and creating the right diagnosis of your case.
FamUrgent Care works for assisting the patients in every possible way. We have the best aid to test nerve, tissue and skin wounds and along with that have professionals who are well known to make the use of it.
So, pay a visit to FamUrgent Care without any second thoughts if you are dealing with laceration repair problems. We even work to remove infections due to the skin tears.