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What, Why & How

Fever can occur when there is an abnormal activity going on in the body which is mostly due to an infection.
The temperature of the body increases for the time being and brings discomfort to the patient. When the temperature rises to 102 degrees, urgent actions must be taken. FamUrgent Care is best known for its urgent clinic where patients are immediately treated with their requirements.
The following symptoms arise when the body has temperature:
If the body faces any of such conditions, there is a fever taking place. If proper medication according to the infection is not started in time,
The following results may start to appear:
FamUrgent Care has professional doctors who deal with every condition so this is the best urgent care walk-in clinic. Where even family medication is given based on the diseases.

What Causes the Fever

The most known causes of fever as described below:
chronic cough treatment

Remedies used at home

When low-grade fever appears, some of the home remedies could be:
cough and cold treatment