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Get Accurate Pregnancy Testing At Family Urgent Care

While home pregnancy tests are considered accurate, you might want to confirm the results or get advice on how to proceed further.

Healthcare professionals at Family Urgent Care will not only help you verify the results but we will also provide emotional support and guidance to patients who receive positive or negative results. 

Whether you want accurate pregnancy tests or blood tests, our experienced healthcare providers are ready to provide a safe and comfortable environment. 

Our clinic is based in Lincoln Park and Rogers Park in Chicago and Scherereville in Indiana, so you can visit us by booking an appointment or walking in. However, suppose you can’t visit us physically for any reason. In that case, you can even book an online phone or video appointment with our doctors and share your health concerns without any hassle. 

How Does Pregnancy Test Work?

In a pregnancy test, we detect a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropic hormone (hCG), which is released in your body when a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the woman’s uterus. If you’re pregnant, the hCG hormone levels will rise within a few days. 

Urine testing detects the presence of hCG hormone in the urine and gives a positive result if the hormone is present in the urine. 

On the other hand, blood testing is a qualitative and quantitative test that measures the levels of hCG in your blood. It is considered to be more accurate and sensitive as compared to urine testing.

When Can I Take A Pregnancy Test?

Most people take a pregnancy test after their missed period, but taking the test too early or late (especially urine pregnancy testing) could give you an inaccurate result. 

A blood test can detect the hCG hormone within six to eight days after conception. On the other hand, a urine test can detect hCG 10 days after conception. 

Your doctor can advise you on which test is best for you and whether you should undergo further testing.

Get Reliable Testing And Medical Advice At Family Urgent Care​

Trying to figure out whether you’re pregnant or not can be nerve-racking! Family Urgent Care is open seven days a week to provide reliable and accurate pregnancy testing and medical advice before proceeding with your results. You can also receive guidance on further steps you can take to have a successful pregnancy.


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