Ear Infection

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What to Do

An ear infection commonly known as acute otitis media (AOM) is an infection in the middle ear. Children are more prone to this infection than adults. Ear infections may clear up on their own, but treatment to manage pain and monitor the cause is required. Medical advisors may also prescribe antibiotics for the infection. It can cause hearing problems or other complications in people who have multiple infections at the same time.
Ear infection cause (bacterium or virus) needs to be diagnosed for the right treatment. Prolonging the infection may cause other illnesses like colds, flu, allergies, or infections in other ear parts.

What causes Ear Infections?

Several bacterias and viruses cause middle ear infections;

What are the different types of Ear Infections?

Generally, ear infections are divided into three categories:

What are the common symptoms of an Ear Infection?

Ear infections can range from mild viral infections to chronic bacterial ones. The treatment highly depends on the severity of the illness. Some common symptoms include ear pain with or without fever, especially when lying down, trouble in hearing, pus from the ear, or loss of balance. Make sure to avoid sleeping on the affected ear. If your symptoms get worse, see a doctor. They may or may not prescribe antibiotics if your ear infection is bacterial, chronic, or doesn’t appear to be improving. If there is an infection, DO NOT try to treat it at home.
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Ear Infections: Risk factors and Prevention

Ear infections can affect anyone. However, children (6 months to 2 years) are more susceptible to it. Here are some risk factors with possible preventive measures.

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Group Care

Children in daycare or such group care facilities are more at risk. If your child has AOM symptoms, keep them at home.

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Bottle feeding

Babies who lie down while feeding can catch ear infections. Try to keep their head alleviated. Prefer to breastfeed as it has antibodies to reduce infections.

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Seasonal Infections

Fall and winter witness an increase in ear infections. Protect your child from getting colds during the first year of their life.

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Air Quality

Quit smoking around the children. Studies show that secondhand smoke can cause ear infections.

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Yearly flu shots for 6 months and above can reduce infection chances.

When to go to the ER in case of an ear infection?

Family Urgent care staff is highly trained to diagnose and treat ear infections. We discourage any treatment at home without consultation. At your walk-in consultation, our physicians will examine your ear and assess its condition based on your symptoms. Since it is more common in children, our professionals are extra gentle to handle them. Contact us today for any health concerns you might have. We have three locations, namely, Schererville Urgent Care Clinic, Lincoln Park Urgent care Clinic and Morse Urgent Care Clinic. Visit us today!
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