foreign body removal

Don’t Panic! We’ve Medical Experts For Your Little Ones

Is there anything more frightening than watching your child swallow a tiny coin, bean or any other object? We understand the heart-stopping feeling of parents that raises a million worries! 

Young toddlers or kids are naturally curious and end up inserting foreign bodies into their noses and ears. Some children also tend to swallow tiny objects from their mouths that can stick in their airways, provoking an emergency. 

This is when Family Urgent Care steps in as your health partner when it comes to the urgent removal of foreign bodies from children or adults. All you need to do is book an appointment or directly walk in and talk to our healthcare providers without any delay. Our clinic is based in three different locations: Rogers Park, Lincoln Park in Illinois, and Schererville in Indiana. 

So, breathe easy as your little one is in safe hands! Trust us for swift and safe removal of foreign objects from your body.

Some Common Examples Of Foreign Body

Most kids often ingest or insert foreign bodies out of curiosity, and such common scenarios include

  • Exploring small objects such as buttons, coins, small toys, or other small items by putting them in the mouth within their reach. 
  • Accidentally swallowing food or non-food items such as bones, seeds, or pits while eating. 
  • Inserting small toy pieces or food items in the nose while playing 
  • Getting injured with sharp objects on hand or foot

While inserting or ingesting foreign objects is quite common in children, adults can also accidentally ingest food or non-food items or get injured by foreign objects such as glass splinters, wood splinters, or sharp metal pieces.

How Can Family Urgent Care Help In Removing Foreign Body Objects?

Our expert healthcare providers at Family Urgent Care are experienced in removing all non-life-threatening foreign objects that have been ingested, inhaled, or lodged into the skin. 

Before removing the foreign object from the body, the doctor first identifies the type of object, the location of the object, and the symptoms you or your child have. 

Our healthcare experts will remove the foreign body using proper tools and prescribe over-the-counter medicines if necessary. 

So, whether it’s an accidentally swallowed toy piece or a minor injury from a glass splinter, don’t wait for the worst-case scenario. You can trust Family Urgent Care for the safe removal of foreign bodies for yourself or your child. Do not wait! Walk into the clinic directly or book an appointment!

Symptoms That A Foreign Object Is In Your Or Your Child’s Body

The symptoms depend on where the foreign object is found. Some common symptoms include: 

  • Pain or discomfort (in the case of your child, constant crying, irritation or loss of appetite)
  • An object entering the airway can cause choking, wheezing, or difficulty breathing. 
  • If an object is inserted into the nose, a person might feel pain, discomfort, irritation, and even difficulty breathing in some cases. 
  • If the object is inserted into the ear, then the patient experiences difficulty in hearing and discomfort.

However, note that if someone has ingested a battery or a magnet, you need to call 911 and take the person to an emergency care facility. Also, if the object is trapped in the airway and the person has difficulty in breathing, do not wait and reach immediate medical attention in emergency care.