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Take The Path Toward Relief From Persistent or Irritating Headache

Are you tired of dealing with throbbing headache? You’re not alone! At Family Urgent Care, you can seek expert medical care that can help you identify the cause of migraine or other headaches and get appropriate medicines to relieve your symptoms. 

You can easily visit our clinic as we operate in three different locations: Rogers Park, Lincoln Park in Illinois, and Schererville in Indiana.

Is It A Migraine or An Ordinary Headache? Let’s Get To Know Some Common Symptoms

Many people often confuse between the symptoms of migraine and ordinary headache as some symptoms are quite similar. A healthcare expert can help you identify whether you’re suffering from a migraine or a general headache. Therefore, if you experience any of the following symptoms, you can seek immediate help from our expert doctors.

General Headache 


Can be a symptom of another illness

It is itself an illness

Pain around the forehead (depends on the type of headache)

Pain on sides of the head, the whole head, or at the back (depending on the type of migraine)

Mild, dull pressure

Intense, pushing or throbbing 

Not accompanied by other symptoms

Nausea and dizziness, tiredness, fatigue

Not blind spots or flashing lights

Flashing lights and blind spots in the eyes


Can last for days 

Why Do Migraine or Ordinary Headache Happen?

Researchers do not fully understand why migraine happens. It is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the body or due to certain triggers such as stress or other emotions. 

Secondly, genetics play a major role in migraine. If your parent or any first-degree relative has this illness, you might inherit it as well. 

Some other causes of migraine or headache are changes in lifestyle or environment such as lack of sleep, changes in weather, or eating certain food and drinks.

Treatment For Migraine Or Headache

There is no cure for migraine but medication can reduce the migraine attacks and their symptoms when they arise. 

The type of medicine and the given dose depends upon the type of headache or migraine and the severity of the symptoms.

If you suffer from persistent headache, some over-the-counter medicines can help relieve your symptoms. On the contrary, if you have migraine, you need to talk to a doctor and get proper medicines to reduce the frequency of attacks and the severity of the symptoms.

You can visit Family Urgent Care and talk to our healthcare experts if you suffer from migraine or headache who will not only prescribe you appropriate medicines but also counsel you on steps you can take to prevent or reduce the duration of migraine attacks.

When Can You Contact Urgent Care for Migraine?

Many migraine or headache symptoms might resolve in a day on their own. But if you’re experiencing the symptoms for the first time or your symptoms do not improve even after you’ve taken your medicines, you can seek help from an urgent care clinic.

If you have the following concerns, you can consult medical experts at the Family Urgent Care clinic right away: 

  • If your symptoms last for more than 24 hours
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Side effects from treatment
  • Symptoms do not improve even after you have taken your medicine 


On the contrary, you need to seek help from an emergency care facility if you experience from following symptoms: 

  • High fever
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Difficulty in speaking or breathing
  • Confusion or fatigue

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