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With the number of bacteria and viruses going around now a days a parent’s biggest concern is always their child. Whatever age they maybe we are always most sensitive about them both because of our protective nature and also because for a child ,anything big or small, could be life threatening.
Children need pediatricians as much as they need all other essentials. Be it a small disease or a huge virus or just some allergy you didn’t know they had, it’s always the pediatrician you rush to. They are like a second parent to your child. And because of this we recommend you go nowhere else but Family Urgent Care clinics.
At Family Urgent care clinics, we not only provide the best and variety of services but also care for your child and provide walk in appointments with the pediatrician of your choice, so that every time you come, you get to see the doctor who already knows your child and their medical history.

What is included in our pediatric services?

Our pediatric services always ensure that you get the best for your baby and that no matter goes unchecked. Our services for the health of your baby includes:

When to go to a pediatrician?

You want to nurture your children’s health in the best way possible and we at Family Urgent Care love to assist you in doing so.
We suggest you avail some of our pediatric services on a routine basis such as routine checkups for your child, emotional and physical developmental checkups, immunization, and vaccines at intervals recommended by professionals, dietary plans and general health advice. These services all ensure your child is growing up happy and healthy while also detecting any anomalies at an early stage.
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Family Urgent Care Pediatric Services

We provide an attentive and responsive team that will help you with your baby’s full routine checkups. We take reports on:
In such a way, Family urgent care clinics provides ER services and has professionals who can provide immediate and definite care of your baby . We entertain walk-in consultations, checkups and ER services. Contact us today for your family, and yourself. We have three locations, namely, Schererville Urgent Care Clinic, Lincoln Park Urgent care Clinic and Morse Urgent Care Clinic. Visit us today!