Get Telehealth Treatment For Strep Throat

Fed up with a scratchy and painful throat? Afraid that it might be more than just an ordinary flu?

Fret not! We have online doctors and nurses lined up to help you out right now who will help you figure out what to do next.


How Is Strep Sore Throat Different From Common Cold?

The symptoms of strep sore throat are often confused with common cold symptoms, which are caused by a virus. In simple words, strep throat is a common bacterial infection caused by streptococcus bacteria that can spread from person to person. If your sore throat occurs gradually rather than suddenly, or you have nasal congestion or cough, you are more likely to have a viral common cold or seasonal allergy. If you show signs and symptoms of strep throat that have developed quickly with fever and sore throat, getting medical help online is a convenient option.


Strep throat is a contagious infection mainly caused by airborne droplets or by direct contact. This infection is more likely to spread by

  • Sharing personal items like drinks, clothes, and towels
  • Breathing in airborne droplets that contain strep bacteria
  • Touching something that has bacteria and then touching your mouth or nose.
  • Coming in direct contact with the infected person.

Know If You Are At More Risk For Strep Throat

  • People who have a low immune system
  • Individuals who are suffering from flu and allergies. 
  • More commonly caused in children under 15 years old
  • People who are heavy smokers are more prone
  • In winter season and early spring, strep throat is more common.
Know If You Are At More Risk For Strep Throat​

Can A Doctor Diagnose Strep Throat Online

Absolutely! During video consultation, your online doctor examines your throat and tonsils area and also asks about your symptoms in detail. After carefully observing and discussing your symptoms, they may guide you in performing a rapid strep test at home.

The quick strep test can give accurate results in a matter of minutes. And there you have it! With this efficient and convenient online approach, you can receive a proper diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan in no time from the comfort of your home.

On the contrary, if an in-person visit is necessary, the doctor might advise you to visit a nearby hospital or a clinic, depending on your condition.

How To Prepare For Your Telemedicine Strep Throat Visit?

To get ready for a telehealth strep throat visit with Family Urgent Care:

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • You are seated comfortably in a quiet place, be it your home or office.
  • Ensure that your mic and camera are working properly.
  • If you have any additional clinical conditions, have a list of your current medicines and any relevant medical history that can help the doctor make a personalized plan.
  • Write down any concerns you want to ask your doctor about strep throat infection.

What Can You Expect In a Telehealth Visit?

Depending on the severity of an infection and your medical history, our licensed doctor prescribes a relevant medicine for you. But before that, the doctor will ask you about your symptoms and visually assess your throat and tonsils. You will also receive guidance on a throat swab for a strep test if deemed necessary.

Your virtual care doctor then prescribes a medication online and electronically sends it to a nearby pharmacy. You can pick up your medications easily from the pharmacy when convenient.

Book Your Virtual Care Appointment For Strep Throat Within Minutes

Step 1: Click on ‘Book Telehealth Appointment.’ You can also visit our telehealth home page.

Step 2: Choose the day and time: Select the time best suits your availability.

Step 3: Fill in the details and Submit: Write your chief complaint and fill in all the asked details about your health and insurance. Click submit and proceed.

How You Can Prevent Strep Throat Infections?

No more strep infections in cold seasons, only if you know some tricks to ward off these pesky infections. Follow these methods to prevent strep throat infections from attacking you.

  • Wash your hands properly before touching your face
  • ‘Avoid close contact with infected people if possible
  • Do not share plates, spoons, or glasses with an infected person
  • Strengthen your immune system by eating fruits, vegetables, and a balanced diet

Since strep throat is more common in children, so you can take the following precautions to prevent strep infection from spreading in your family.

  • Doctors advise keeping your child’s belongings and food utensils separate
  • Do not share napkins, clothes, and food between the child and other family member
  • Wash your child’s hands frequently
  • Teach your children to cover their faces when they cough or sneeze.

Professional Help On Your Way To Resolve All Your Your Throat-related Issues

Say goodbye to throat troubles as our team is here to turn your discomfort into relief, ensuring that your throat gets the VIP treatment it deserves. You can not only book same-day telehealth appointments at Family Urgent Care within minutes but also receive personalized treatment and health counseling for any issues you have.

If you need additional lab tests, your doctor can also ask for an in-person visit to provide comprehensive care tailored to your needs. You can visit our urgent care clinic, which is located in three different locations: Lincoln Park, Rogers Park, and Schererville.


Can strep throat spread from person to person?

Yes, strep throat is a highly contagious infection that can spread through airborne droplets when a nearby infected person coughs or sneezes. If you come in close contact with an infected person, such as sharing utensils or being in crowded environments, the risk of transmission increases. If you feel sore throat and pain, seeking medical advice for prompt diagnosis and treatment is crucial.

How do I prevent strep throat infections?

If you want to prevent strep throat, adopt good hygiene practices such as frequent handwashing and eating a balanced, healthy diet. Also, refrain from sharing utensils and maintain a clean environment. If you suspect infection, connect with a doctor online or in person for diagnosis and appropriate treatment to minimize the risk of transmission and severity.

Can I get an online prescription for a strep throat infection?

Yes, you can obtain an online prescription for a strep sore throat infection at Family Urgent Care. A doctor assesses your symptoms through a virtual consultation, and if antibiotics are deemed necessary, they can electronically send the prescription to a nearby pharmacy. This efficient process allows for quick and convenient access to the medication you need without commuting longer distances.

How long does strep throat last if left untreated?

Strep throat can get really painful and resolve naturally in 7-10 days if left untreated. However, seeking medical attention is crucial. If diagnosed and treated with medication, symptoms usually improve within a few days. A quick medical intervention not only accelerates recovery but also minimizes the risk of spreading and complications associated with untreated strep throat.

Can I book a telehealth appointment if my child has strep throat?

Absolutely! Strep throat is more common in children, but you do not need to worry as a parent. You can easily book a telehealth appointment for your child to ensure swift and convenient medical care.

Connect with a healthcare professional via video consultation, discuss your child’s symptoms, and receive guidance or a prescription if needed. It’s a hassle-free way to prioritize your child’s health while avoiding unnecessary commuting to nearby clinics. Your peace of mind is just a click away!