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Get Your Tetanus Shots From Family Urgent Care

Your child just fell down while playing outside, scrapping the knee from a rough sidewalk. As a parent, you’re concerned about the risk of tetanus, a serious bacterial infection. 

Good news! All you need to do is visit our clinic in Indiana or Illinois and get a tetanus shot to prevent the tetanus infection. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of medical experts, you and your family will get the appropriate care you need.

Why Getting A Tetanus Shot Is Necessary?

The tetanus vaccine is essential not only for young children but also for adults following an injury to prevent a deadly bacterial infection known as tetanus. 

Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, is an infection caused by a bacteria named as Clostridium tetani. This bacteria lives in soil, dust, manure and rusty tools. If this bacteria enters the body, it can produce a toxin that leads to painful muscle contractions, making it hard to open the mouth or swallow.

When Can You Get Vaccinated For Tetanus?

According to the guidelines, adults need tetanus shot every 10 years, whereas kids usually need six doses of tetanus shots when they’re growing up

  • a series of four doses of DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis) vaccine before 2 years of age
  • another dose at 4–6 years of age
  • a booster (Tdap) at 11–12 years of age or later if it was missed

Getting a tetanus shot is also recommended in the following situations: 

  • If you or your child has cut or punctured your skin as a result of any injury
  • Pregnant women during the third trimester
  • Severe burn that results in broken skin or tissue damage
  • Bites from animals or humans might introduce tetanus into the bloodstream.

How Do Tetanus Shots Work In The Body?

When a tetanus vaccine is injected, our body responds by creating antibodies. These antibodies are ready to fight the disease-causing bacteria whenever the body is exposed to similar bacteria. Later in life, if the bacteria gets into your skin, the antibodies recognize and attack it in order to prevent tetanus infection. 

How Can Family Urgent Care Help You?​

Whether you need tetanus shots for yourself or your infant, Family Urgent Care is ready to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected from the risks of tetanus infections. 

With our convenient locations in Rogers Park, Lincoln Park and Schererville, we are open seven days a week. You can schedule prior appointments or even visit the clinic directly to update your vaccinations without any hassle.


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