Does Urgent Care Do Blood Work?

Written By Abeer Fatima
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Adnan Maqsood

Imagine you don’t need to hustle from hospital to lab for blood work and wait for days for your lab results. Nowadays, an alternative and convenient option is to go to urgent care clinics that facilitate lab testing services and diagnosis from healthcare experts.

But can you get blood work done at urgent care? Let’s find out whether urgent care clinics near your home are well-equipped to perform blood tests or not.

Can You Get Blood Work Done At Urgent Care?

Yes! Urgent care clinics are well equipped to perform different lab tests like blood tests, X-rays, STD testings, flu/strep testing etc. Some common blood tests that can be done in urgent care facilities are Complete Blood Count, Basic Metabolic Panel, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Profile, etc.

Some of these centers have all the facilities including the necessary equipment, blood drawing stations, and trained healthcare professionals to draw blood and run the tests that you need.

Not to mention, you can get prompt lab results within a few days as they have a streamlined process and a quick turnaround for results, making it a reliable choice for various medical needs.

This setup allows urgent care clinics to provide on-the-spot diagnostic services from healthcare professionals, making them a convenient and accessible option for individuals seeking prompt medical attention.

Why Is Urgent Care More Convenient For Blood Work?

Imagine the frustration of needing blood work urgently but you need to endure weeks of anticipation in a hospital setting. You start by scheduling an appointment, followed by enduring lengthy waits, often spanning hours or even days, for your turn. Subsequently, there’s another round of waiting for the test results, contributing to significant delays in receiving your diagnosis.

On the contrary, you can switch to a more convenient and affordable option by getting your blood work done in an urgent care facility. Here’s why urgent care is a more convenient option:

1. Easy On Your Pocket

Blood work at urgent care centers is relatively more cost-effective compared to emergency rooms or other healthcare facilities. If your insurance covers lab testing, then you can have an added benefit. However, before you pick an urgent care for blood work, you need to confirm whether they facilitate blood work and accept your insurance provider or not.

2. Extended Hours

There’s no need to take time off work or disrupt your daily routines for lab tests. Most urgent care centers in your neighborhood might operate beyond regular business hours. Besides, you can also get your blood work even on weekends in urgent care if you have a busy weekday schedule.

3. Quick Turnaround Of Results

You do not need to wait weeks to receive your blood work results as urgent care facilities are quicker and more efficient, offering quick turnaround times. In these clinics, the patient influx is not very high as compared to hospital-based settings so patients can receive timely lab results and diagnosis. As a result, your treatment process usually never gets delayed.

4. Convenience of Walk-Ins

Most urgent care centers often accept walk-ins, eliminating the hassle of scheduling appointments. This convenience is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking immediate blood work without the need to schedule in advance. You can simply walk in, get your blood drawn, and receive quick results, enhancing overall convenience.

Common Blood Tests Performed In Urgent Care Clinics

During your visit to urgent care, your healthcare provider might order some tests to ensure an accurate diagnosis. The type of blood test your doctor orders depends on your clinical condition, signs and symptoms. However, some of the most common blood work that is done in urgent care clinics are as follows:

1. Complete Blood Count (CBC)

This is the most common blood work your doctor might order to look at your overall health. It measures white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, haemoglobin, etc. For instance, if your CBC report indicates an increase in WBC, you might have a certain infection or inflammation in your body.

A trained medical professional at an urgent care facility draws blood by inserting a needle in your arm, usually at the bend of your elbow and sends the sample to the lab for results.

2. Complete Metabolic Panel

The second common blood work in urgent care facilities is a complete metabolic panel that gives detailed information about your metabolism, acid-base balance, and the function of your kidneys. It is most commonly done as a part of a regular check-up, in emergency situations or before and after surgeries.

If you have general symptoms like fatigue, confusion, vomiting or breathing problems, your doctor might order a complete metabolic panel. The test includes the levels of serum potassium, sodium, chloride, blood urea nitrogen, serum glucose, serum creatinine, liver function tests, etc. It is most commonly used to detect lung complications, kidney problems or liver diseases.

3. Lipid Profile

A Lipid Profile is a part of blood work often done in urgent care facilities. It gives a complete overview of your cardiovascular health by measuring the levels of total cholesterol, good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body. It is used to evaluate the risk of high blood pressure, or any heart disease, like heart attack or stroke.

Some Other Lab Tests Done In Urgent Care

Apart from the common blood tests, there are some common lab tests other than blood tests in urgent care facilities.

  1. COVID-19 Test
  2. Urinalysis
  3. Pregnancy Tests
  4. STD Testing
  5. Flu Testing
  6. Strep Testing
  7. TB Testing

How Long Does It Take To Get Blood Work Results?

Precisely, blood test results can take from hours to days depending upon the type of test done on you. For instance, if a CBC or basic metabolic panel was done, then it might take 24 hours to get the reports in urgent care clinics. You can ask your healthcare provider when your results are likely to be ready and whether you’ll receive the reports online automatically or they will contact you about the result.

After you receive the results, they recommend a follow-up to discuss your treatment plan in light of your blood test results.

Visit Family Urgent Care For Any Blood Work You Want

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We have board-certified medical professionals at your service who attentively address your symptoms, prescribe necessary lab tests, and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan. You can either walk-in or book an appointment directly and save your spot whenever it is convenient for you.

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